• Parents FAQ

    • What are the drop-off & pick-up times of camp?

      Campers are to be dropped off between 3 pm & 4 pm on the starting day of camp ( Sunday ).

      On the following Saturday pickup time will begin at 11:00 am. Please be prompt as we would like to complete camp cleanup as soon as possible so staff can return home themselves.

    • Some of the activities in the Challenge program seem dangerous - how will my daughter be kept safe?

      All activities are run by trained staff in the activity that is engaged in. Safety practices are taught and strictly enforced. Campers are always supervised by cabin leaders & other camp staff.

    • Who will be responsible for my child at Camp Cherith?

      Campers are assigned to a cabin with at least one adult Christian woman and one Cabin Leader In Training, who have had the appropriate background checks and agree with the Camp Cherith “Statement of Faith”. These Leaders are under the authority of the Camp Director. Campers are supervised at all times by camp staff.

    • What is my child taught at Camp Cherith?

      This question is answered in the “What We Believe” section.

    • What happens if my child becomes homesick?

      The camper is encouraged to become involved in activities & is given extra attention to help alleviate the feelings of homesickness. If this fails to help, the Camp Director will contact the parents to ask for their recommendations.

    • May my child request cabin mates and/or a certain cabin leader?

      Yes, the camper may request to be with certain persons, and the Director tries to fulfill these requests, but due to conflicting circumstances, they may not always be able to be kept.

    • Can my child still attend camp if they have special diet requirements?

      Campers with special diets will be considered based on factors such as the severity of the diet, amount of kitchen staff, and the time requirement to prepare special foods. A gluten-free option will be offered at each meal.