• Camp Location

  • While our camp mailing address is in Carstairs, our camp location is at Camp Teepee Pole the Christian Service Brigade camp west of Sundre. Please use the ROUTE PLANNER below to find your way to camp. If you have further questions please email us or phone our emergency number which will be posted here just prior to the beginning of camp. That number will also be in your registrant email confirming your daughter(s) acceptance at camp.

    PO Box 2001, Carstairs, AB, TOM ONO
    text or telephone to: (403) 816-3670
    email: president@albertacampcherith.org or registrar@albertacampcherith.org

    The actual camp address is 82053 HWY 584,

    which is what highway 27's name changes to after you leave Sundre

    Camp Emergency Phone Number (to be called only during camp operating weeks) :

    (403) 636-0757

    Route planner to Camp Teepee Pole

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