• Registration Process

  • Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding to the Registration Form at the bottom of this page!!

    The Registration Process:

    1. Complete the Registration Form

    • When you click on the Registration Form button below it will take you to the Registration Form within Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please fill in the form and then save it on your device. To do so select "File" then "Save As" and select the folder where you wish the file to go and then supply the name for the completed form. Close the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    • At this point you will return to the ACC site.

    2. Submit the registration form

    3. Submit payment (We accept the following methods of payment for registration fees):

    • By cheque (made payable to Alberta Camp Cherith).  Cheques may be postdated to July 15th. Mail cheques to: Camp Registrar, PO Box 2001, Carstairs, AB, TOM ONO
    • E-transfer – transfer funds via your online banking system to registrar@albertacampcherith.org.  The security question in your online banking system should be "Who is this for" and the security answer should be the first name of the camper that you are registering.


    Questions? please email the Registrar or call (403) 816-3670

    Registration Form