• Meet the Leadership

  • Sarah aka "Belle"

    Challenge Camp Director

    Sarah has been at Camp Cherith for the past number of years, as a cabin leader, worship leader and Camp Director. Though she has never been to camp as a child, she has a heart for girls of all ages, and a desire to see them know God in a personal way.

    Sarah has had numerous opportunities to work with children of all ages, both at Camp and at different ministries in her home city. She volunteers and helps lead an inner-city outreach to under-privileged children.

    Sarah's responsibilities are to plan, organize and run the Challenge Week, as well as to recruit and support staff.

    Her desire to see children of all ages come to know Jesus in a personal way is the reason she enjoys serving at camp.


  • Charlotte aka "Webby"

    Pathfinder / Trailblazer Camp Director

    Charlotte has been involved with Alberta Camp Cherith for four years as kitchen staff and a cabin leader. She has a passion for camp ministries. There is a special place in her heart for Alberta Camp Cherith and the girls who attend.

    Her responsibilities include planning and organizing the Pathfinder/ Trailblazer week. Recruiting and supporting staff, as well as running the week.

    Webby is a pastors wife and mom of three teens. She has been involved in working in children’s ministry for many years. She has a passion to share the love and grace of Jesus with people of all ages and see them come to know him personally.

    And she is really looking forward to taking on this responsibility to direct the Pathfinders/ Trailblazers week of camp.

  • Laura aka "Binny"

    Registrar / Treasurer


    Laura has been the treasurer for Alberta Camp Cherith for the past five years and has recently taken the position of registrar as well.

    Last summer she was a Cabin Leader and has always been a great support to both directors throughout the weeks.

    She is able to answer all questions regarding registration and payment, and can direct other questions to the right ears!

    Laura has a passion to serve God where He calls her. She is the quiet, but ever-present person that is behind the scenes making sure things get done.